GdalGoneWild / src / GdalGoneWild.Client / GdalEnvironment.cs

using System;
using System.IO;
using OSGeo.GDAL;

namespace GdalGoneWild.Client
    class GdalEnvironment
        public static void SetupEnvironment(string binFolder)

        public static void SetEnvironmentVariables(string binPath)
            Gdal.SetConfigOption("GDAL_DATA", Path.Combine(binPath, @"gdal-data"));
            setValueNewVariable("GEOTIFF_CSV", Path.Combine(binPath, @"gdal-data"));
            setValueNewVariable("GDAL_DRIVER_PATH", Path.Combine(binPath, @"gdal-plugins"));
            setValueNewVariable("PROJ_LIB", Path.Combine(binPath, @"proj\SHARE"));

        private static void setValueNewVariable(string name, string value)
            if (Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(name) == null)
                Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable(name, value);

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