Building jAsm

jAsm currently compiles with CMake for Linux or Visual Studio 2015 for Windows.

Command line build with CMake in Linux

To build with CMake you need CMake 3.5, Clang, Mercurial and python3 installed. On Debian, Ubuntu or Mint systems you can use apt-get to fetch the dependencies like this.

sudo apt-get install cmake clang mercurial python3

Clone the repository into a directory called 'jasm' and build it like this.

hg clone ssh://
cd jasm
export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
sudo make install

Visual Studio on Windows

Download Visual Studio 2015 from and install it. Double click on the jasm.sln file to open the project. Select the Release configuration and build the solution. You will get a jasm.exe binary in x64\Release.

Running Unit Tests

Run the unit tests using the python script It runs under Python 3.


Add a unit test by placing a file called test_something.asm that produce the correct output in the unit_tests directory and run This will add the generated output in unit_tests/results and be considered the correct output for then on.


Version Information

When building a release you must run the python script to inject the current revision and hash into the source code. This change should never be submitted! Building with CMake run this automatically.


There are also small scripts to update the major and minor revisions. These changes should be submitted.