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Deleted commented code in myapp view

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     """Displays info details from nabuco user"""
     owner, c = User.objects.get_or_create(username='nabuco')
-#    # TODO: populate from fixture instead?
-#    if c:
-#        g1 = Group.objects.create(name='punks')
-#        g2 = Group.objects.create(name='rockers')
-#        owner.groups.add(g1)
-#        owner.groups.add(g2)
-#        RBACRole.objects.create(name='family')
-#        RBACRole.objects.create(name='friends')
-#        RBACRole.objects.create(name='coworkers')
     # Owner of the object has full permissions, otherwise check RBAC
     if request.user != owner:
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