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Starting to update everything for the 0.9.2 release.

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File docs/

 # General information about the project.
 project = u'Satchmo'
-copyright = u'2010, Chris Moffitt'
+copyright = u'2012, Chris Moffitt'
 # The version info for the project you're documenting, acts as replacement for
 # |version| and |release|, also used in various other places throughout the
 # The short X.Y version.
 version = '0.9.2'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '0.9.2-development'
+release = '0.9.2'
 # The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
 # for a list of supported languages.

File docs/release-notes-0-9-2.txt

-Satchmo Development Branch
+Satchmo 0.9.2 Release
-These are the notes for the latest development version.
+These are the notes for Satchmo 0.9.2.
 The full list of closed tickets can be viewed `here <>`_
+This release contains numerous fixes, improvements and updates from 0.9.1. A summary of some of the key items are included below.
 New Features
 - Fix product variation pricing so that explicit prices don't get overriden by deltas
 - Fix apply_even_split so that discounts get applied properly
 - Ensure home page paginator handles improper inputs better
+- Improve satchmo_check's ability to report possible errors
+- Fix payment information displayed in confirmation emails
 Performance Improvements
     pip install fedex
     pip install suds
+Additional Notes
+Future versions of Satchmo will require Django 1.3.1 and higher.

File docs/shipping.txt

 The Fedex module allows Satchmo to calculate shipping costs using the Fedex Web Services interface. The Fedex module
 has two additional dependencies:
     1. `python-fedex <>`_
     2. `suds <>`_

File satchmo/apps/satchmo_store/

-VERSION = (0, 9, 2, 'pre')
+VERSION = (0, 9, 2)
 # Dynamically calculate the version based on VERSION tuple
 if len(VERSION)>2 and VERSION[2] is not None: