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Satchmo Change Log

see notes in docs/release-notes-0.9.txt

Version 0.8.1, December 14, 2008
 * Fix user name generator to handle unicode chars more robustly
 * Fix handling of ampersands in PDF generation
 * Update Italian translation
 * Update DOB widget
 * Added never_cache decorator to several views
 * Code speedups for discount checking

Version 0.8, November 25, 2008
 * Add USPS shipping module
 * Converted to using newforms admin
 * Made country validation of post code and territories/states more robust
 * Added Protx payment support
 * New config setting to hide translation fields
 * Refactored payment code to be more modular
 * Change a time stamp field name for Oracle compatability
 * Added support for brands
 * New shuffle filter
 * Multi-site support
 * Added Italian & Hebrew translation
 * Migrated to new django comments functionality. Remove the need for comment_utils
 * Move admin to use nfa and rest of Satchmo now compatible with django 1.0
 * Removed all standalone satchmo settings from settings.py and local_settings.py, moving them
   to a dictionary.  This allows for explicit defaults and for easier integration with other apps.
 * Moved all order methods, classes and views into the satchmo.shop application from Contact
 * Fixed circular imports in several apps.
 * New configuration feature in payment section, allowing shop owners to be notified by email
   when they have a new sale.
 * Refactor of emailing on order completion, now uses signals, simplifying payment modules.
 * New optional app "satchmo.upsell" which allows product upselling on product detail pages.
 * New signals in get_qty_price methods of products, allowing code to manipulate the price returned
   by the function.  Example code using these signals is at satchmo.contrib.cartqty_discounts,
   which modifies the qty_discount method to calculate the discount based on the total number of items
   in the cart, rather than the total amount of the lineitem.
 * Improved inheritance of detail_producttype.html pages, which no longer need to duplicate as much of
   the code of base_product.html, allowing for easier addition of features to the product detail pages.
 * New most popular, best sellers and recently added views
 * New tiered shipping module based on quantity
 * New Fedex shipping module
 * New configuration option to force login for checkout
 * Refactored base template layout to be more extensible
 * Refactored the login and signup code to make it more extensible
 * Improved performance of price lookups
 * Recurring billing support for Authorize.net
 * New Purchase Order payment module

Version 0.7, May 26, 2008
 * Added config files to make rpm creation easier
 * German translation
 * New capability to choose the translation language
 * COD payment module
 * Category code cleanup
 * Highlight active category in the menu
 * Install documentation cleanup
 * New feature to manage translations of all parts of Satchmo content
 * Ability to add images to categories & override category sort order
 * Improvements to CustomProduct to make it more broadly useable
 * Currency displayed using the chosen locale
 * Documented creation of custom payment modules
 * Creation of new templatetags (product_category_siblings and product_images)
 * Created new Shipping Module, 'Tiered', allowing multiple carriers and variable pricing by cart total.
 * Added cybersource payment module
 * New config values to display featured products randomly
 * Increased length of Contact phonenumber to work internationally
 * Added shipping countries directly to Shop - allowing the shops to specify legal countries for shipping.
 * Updated google analytics to new code, with an optional fallback to the old urchin.js
 * Added new Tax module "Area", which calculates taxes based on country or state.
 * Updated discount system to track which discounts were applied to which line items.
 * Add weight and dimension unit info to the product model.
 * Provide integration for UPS online tools.
 * New sku model field
 * New gift certificate capability.
 * Fixed New Zealand states/region info in l10n data
 * Improvements to tax calc code
 * Updated swedish translation
 * Improve checks to make sure dupe emails are not used by accounts
 * Fixed a bug with PDF generation in windows
 * Improved product export capability to support categories
 * Added Brazilian Portuguese translation
 * Added a subscription product
 * Cleaned up breadcrumbs to make it easier to modify via css
 * Removed storage of ccv field in database
 * Actually keep track of items when they are sold
 * Swedish and German translation updates
 * Can now prevent someone from purchasing an item that is out of stock
 * Google feed support
 * New Bulgarian translation
 * Korean translation
 * Recently viewed items support
 * Wishlist support
 * UI improvements to the admin site
 * Added some javascript to disable shipping address fields if "same shipping and billing address are used"
 * SEO optimizations to templates
 * Performance improvements when using Configurable Products
 * Fix some unicode issues with some of the shipping and payment processing backends
 * Trustcommerce bug fixes
 * Updated documentation to use sphinx
 * Fixed some bugs in pdf generation
 * Made pdf logo selection part of the configuration settings

Version 0.6, October 30, 2007
 * Removed dependency on Webda and added new l10n models
 * Added capability to rate and review products
 * Improved capabilities for users to manage their account information
 * Creation of a simple inventory management interface
 * Multiple bug fixes and code cleanups
 * New configuration option to allow user to set image upload directory name
 * Improved error handling for loading data
 * Allow manual product ordering in a category
 * Remove most custom settings from local_settings.py, instead using the satchmo.configuration app
 * Added a cache manager
 * Added TrustCommerce as a processing module
 * New downloadable product type
 * New custom product type
 * Added Swedish translation

Version 0.5, August 22, 2007
 * First official package launch