Warsaw Simulation Engine (WSE) in Python
Discrete event simulation engine and utilities and sample simulations.

Copyright (C) 2013, Bogumił Kamiński
Copyright (C) 2014, Tomasz Olczak

Library was tested under Python 3.3.2. The design goal of the simulator was to
ensure that only bare Python installation is required to run it. Only selected
examples use Matplotlib and Networx, but they are not used by core files
File requires Numba package to be installed for runtime compilation.

Inspired by:
  - Mason by Sean Luke (
  - PyCX by Hiroki Sayama (

WSE contents:

General WSE information files:
    README.txt  - this file
    copyright.txt - WSE license information

Core simulation engine files are contained in WSE subpackage:   - simulation engine - functions creating parameter sweep generators     - handling of virtual rectangular grids - simulation visualization
Refer to their documentation for usage instructions

The rest of the files are examples divided into following categories
    Engine usage examples:
    Continuous time simulations:
    Simulations on graphs:
    Multiagent simulations:
        - and cont.r,,,,
    Agent learning examples:

In rev.1.1 there are performance improvements for selected models 
using numpy, matplotlib and numba: