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Goal of this project

Update the 'official' Django bundles for Textmate to parity with Django's trunk release schedule.

We are always looking for suggestions to improve the content of this bundle. Submitted patches are very welcome, and will help the project get polished faster.

Installing the bundles, simple method (outdated)

  1. Download the bundles
  2. Double-click or open the bundles in Finder -- Textmate will automatically install them for you

Bundle contents (outdated)

  • Python Django
    • Models -- skeleton for Model class; snippets for fields available in 1.0
    • Admin -- skeletons for ModelAdmin and inline classes
    • Forms -- skeletons for Form and ModelForm classes
  • Python Django Templates
    • template tags -- all of the built-ins
    • filters -- all of the built-ins

Proposed changes

  • change the Python (Django) language shortcut to ^C-D, like HTML (Django) -- proposed by florean
  • add textmate commands for commonly-accessed actions -- proposed by bnmnetp
  • Integration with Virtual Env to utilize virtual python's for testing django projects. -- proposed by newmaniese

Contributors (outdated)