django-janitor / janitor / management / commands /

"""Management utility to clean a specific Model that is registered with a
from import CommandError, LabelCommand
from janitor.models import _get_tags_used_in_content

class Command(LabelCommand):

    help = "Lists HTML elements used in a Model with a related FieldSanitizer"
    args = "[appname.modelname]"
    label = 'application name.model name'

    can_import_settings = False

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(Command, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        # BaseCommand doesn't have stdout included in Django < 1.2
        # So, let's add it in if it's not already there.
        if not hasattr(self, 'stdout'):
            from sys import stdout
            self.stdout = stdout

    def _tag_output(self, tag_list):
        p = "- {0}\n"
        return ''.join(p.format(t) for t in tag_list)

    def handle_label(self, label, **options):
            app_label, model = label.lower().split('.')
        except ValueError:
            raise CommandError(
                "Invalid app_label.model_name: {0}".format(label)

        tag_list = _get_tags_used_in_content(app_label, model)
            "\nTags used in content:\n{0}\n".format(self._tag_output(tag_list))