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Issue #2 resolved

django-ajaxcomments is not threadsafe, unable to use in WSGI environment

Diederik van der Boor
created an issue

Hi, I've tried using django-ajaxcomments, and after a close examination of the source I noticed it's not thread safe. It seems like at every request, the altered post_comment method replaces the comments.render_to_response and comments.next_redirect methods with a version that has the request variable bound/curried in.

In other words, when two visitors post comments at the same time, things get hairy and the wrong request may be handled by the render_to_response and next_redirect functions.

Could you please reconsider this implementation (by having a separate ajax-view instead), or (considering the activity) would it make sense to mark this app as deprecated/unmaintained?

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  1. Brandon Konkle repo owner

    Thank you for the heads up! As you may be able to tell, I haven't touched this project in years. It is indeed unmaintained, but I never marked it as such on the README. I'll do that now.

    Thank you!

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