django-bursar / bursar / gateway / paypal_gateway /

"""PayPal Gateway

To use this, the processor must be initialized with at least a dictionary 
containing the following keys::

* BUSINESS - The email address of the receiving paypal account (if LIVE is true).
* BUSINESS_TEST - The email address of the test receiving paypal account (if LIVE is false).

It should also contain a key for "RETURN_ADDRESS", a named view where the customer will
be returned after a successful purchase.  In Satchmo, this is "PAYPAL_satchmo_checkout-success"


from bursar.errors import GatewayError
from bursar.gateway.base import HeadlessPaymentProcessor
from bursar.models import Payment, Purchase
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from django.core import urlresolvers
from django.utils.http import urlencode
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
import urllib2

class PaymentProcessor(HeadlessPaymentProcessor):
    """Paypal payment processor"""

    def __init__(self, settings={}):
        working_settings = {
            # Currency code for Paypal transactions.
            'CURRENCY_CODE' : 'USD',  
            # 'The Paypal URL for real transaction posting'
            'POST_URL' : "",
            # The Paypal URL for test transaction posting
            'POST_TEST_URL' : "", 
            #a named view where the customer will
            #be returned after a successful purchase
            'RETURN_ADDRESS' : "",
            # Accept real payments
            'LIVE' : False,
            # use SSL for checkout
            'SSL' : False,
            'LABEL' : _('PayPal'),
            'EXTRA_LOGGING' : False,

        super(PaymentProcessor, self).__init__('paypal', working_settings)
        if self.is_live():
            self.require_settings("POST_URL", "BUSINESS", "RETURN_ADDRESS")
            self.require_settings("POST_TEST_URL", "BUSINESS_TEST", "RETURN_ADDRESS")

    def accept_ipn(self, invoice, amount, transaction_id, note=""):
        """Mark a PayPal payment as successfully paid - due to a successful IPN confirmation."""
        # skip if we've already handled this one
        if Payment.objects.filter(transaction_id=transaction_id).count() > 0:
            self.log.warn('IPN received for transaction #%s, already processed', transaction_id)
            self.log_extra('Successful IPN on invoice #%s, transaction #%s', invoice, transaction_id)
            # invoice may have a suffix due to retries
            invoice = invoice.replace('-', '_')
            invoice = invoice.split('_')[0]
            purchase = Purchase.objects.get(pk=invoice)
            payment = self.record_payment(
                amount = amount,
                transaction_id = transaction_id,
                purchase = purchase

            if note:
                payment.add_note(_('---Comment via Paypal IPN---') + u'\n' + note)
                self.log_extra("Saved order notes from PayPal: %s", note)

            #TODO: verify - is this right? not sure if I should be setting them to "completed"
            for item in purchase.recurring_lineitems():
                if not item.completed:
                    self.log_extra("Marking item: %s complete", item)
                    item.completed = True

    def confirm_ipn_data(self, data):
        """Test an IPN from PayPal.  If `force` is set, then skip the post."""

        self.log_extra("PayPal IPN data: ", repr(data))
        if self.is_live():
            self.log.debug("Live IPN on %s", self.key)
            url = self.settings['POST_URL']
            self.log.debug("Test IPN on %s", self.key)
            url = self.settings['POST_TEST_URL']
        data['cmd'] = "_notify-validate"
        params = urlencode(data)

        req = urllib2.Request(url)
        req.add_header("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
        fo = urllib2.urlopen(req, params)

        ret =
        if ret == "VERIFIED":
  "PayPal IPN data verification was successful.")
            return True"PayPal IPN data verification failed.")
        self.log_extra("HTTP code %s, response text: '%s'" % (fo.code, ret))
        return False

    def ipn_url(self):
        prefix = "http"
        if self.settings['SSL']:
            prefix += "s"
        base = prefix + "://" + Site.objects.get_current().domain

        view_url = urlresolvers.reverse('PAYPAL_GATEWAY_ipn')
        if base.endswith("/"):
            base = base[:-1]
        if view_url.startswith('/'):
            view_url = view_url[1:]

        url = base + '/' + view_url
        self.log.debug('IPN URL=%s', url)
        return url
    def submit_url(self):
        if self.is_live():
            url = self.settings['POST_URL']
            url = self.settings['POST_TEST_URL']
        return url

    def prepare_submit_form(self, purchase):
        """Get a dictionary of information needed to submit to PayPal.
        live = self.is_live()
        pp = self.settings
        if live:
            self.log_extra("live purchase on %s", self.key)
            account = pp['BUSINESS']
            account = pp['BUSINESS_TEST']

        address = pp['RETURN_ADDRESS']

        recurring = None
        for item in purchase.lineitems.all():
            if item.is_recurring:
                recur = item.recurdetails
                detail = {
                    'price': recur.recurring_price,
                    'expire_length' : recur.expire_length,
                    'expire_unit' : recur.expire_unit,
                    'recurring_times' : recur.recurring_times,
                if recur.trial:
                    detail['trial1'] = {'price' : recur.trial_price}
                    detail['trial1']['expire_length'] = recur.trial_length
                    detail['trial1']['expire_unit'] = recur.expire_unit

                    if recur.trial_times > 1:
                        if trial1 is not None:
                            detail['trial2'] = {'price' : recur.trial_price}
                            detail['trial2']['expire_length'] = recur.trial_length
                            detail['trial2']['expire_unit'] = recur.expire_unit
                if recurring:
                    self.log.warn("Cannot have more than one subscription in one order for paypal.  Only processing the last one for %s", purchase)
                recurring = detail

        ipn_url = self.ipn_url

        base_env = {
            'purchase': purchase,
            'business': account,
            'currency_code': pp['CURRENCY_CODE'],
            'return_address': address,
            'subscription': recurring,
            'gateway_live' : live,
            'ipn_url' : ipn_url

        return base_env
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