Values are pickled surprisingly complicated

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Hynek Cernoch
created an issue

I looked into cache contents and I see that all objects are wrapped by keyedcache.CacheWrapper object and then pickled by Django.core.cache.
For example the integer 5 is saved like

# by keyedcache
# directly by Django cache

There are seen unimportant identifiers ['keyedcache', 'CacheWrapper', 'inprocess', 'val'] in every value.

I wrote a documantation to unclear parts and now I think that keyedcache can be easy modified to be more transparent if a known value is cached and will be complicated only if a Function Caching "in process" is used.

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  1. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    The removed Cache prefix is automatically handled by Django. It is not a necessary part of Keyedcache. An additional automatic preffix can be useful with threaded multihost because any static value is not useful for it.

    The method cache_enable is never used by Satchmo. I expect it useful only for testing purposes. (The current simple implementation can cause problems in other modules or with obsoleted values. The cache can be easy disabled globally by settings.CACHES.)

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