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Issue #6 open

CacheNotRespondingError when use DummyCache backend

Andrey Tkachenko
created an issue

{{{ File "../django-keyedcache/keyedcache/init.py", line 298, in cache_require raise CacheNotRespondingError() CacheNotRespondingError }}}

DummyCache does not store any data, I use it in developing the project. Required to correctly process the specifics of the backend without exception rising.

Comments (4)

  1. Hynek Cernoch

    The easiest manual solution for you should be to set


    in your "settings.py", if you use DummyCache.

    The problem why I do not write a patch is how to distinguish a broken cache from DummyCache. I do not know, how to do it in general automatically in keyedcache with Django 1.2. I know only solution for Django 1.3.

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