Skin object can't find actual domain

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Maybe I'm missing something.

I have one django instance pointing to one settings file. The settings file has a SITE_ID because well its required when using the Sites framework.

I have 20 sites/domains in the Site admin, and different skins for each.

The Skin object is using Site.get_current() which will always return the SITE_ID configured site. So, every domain i have out there which hits my single django instance will appear to the Skin framework to be the same site.

How could it ever know which domain actually is in use so that it may choose the correct skin?

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  1. Joe Kueser

    For what it's worth, it looks like this is "fixed" in TIP. (Probably not the final solution, given that it was just commenting out some code, but it works...and that's what I like about it.)

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