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Thomas Klein
created an issue

Related to [HELP-707]

The module works fine if is installed after Magento installation. If i want to install Magento with all modules (including Content Manager) error appears:

An exception is throwed:

[Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException] Invalid entity_type specified: contenttype_content

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  1. Thomas Klein reporter

    Hi, The issue described above in the description only happens if you try to install our extension in the same time you install Magento 2.x. To avoid that, you should install the extension after the installation of Magento 2.x. Actually I didn't started to work on it, maybe it's a dependence issue or some data which are not commit in db.

    If this is not your issue and you have encounter an another one, feel free to open a new issue.

    Regards, Thomas Klein

  2. Thomas Klein reporter

    Hi what type of issue have you?

    Please tale note that the ACM versions upper than 2.1.18 are not anymore compatible with Magento versions < 2.2.x


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