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Welcome to our ACM 2.x wiki!

You'll find in the following pages informations, documentations and any tips and tricks you'll need to help us growing the ACM Extension for Magento 2.x

Compatible versions

Magento 2.0:

ACM < 2.1.1 (100.1.1) verified

Magento 2.1:

ACM 2 all versions

Release Note

See the full Release Note.


You can open issues to inform us about any defects you'll find during the uses.

Please, before post and save issue, check if it is not a known issue, then refer the right milestone

ACM 2.x Known Issues

ACM 2.x Documentation

This Documentation is in working progress. We add new pages every weeks, so come back sometimes and check these pages to find what you want :

ACM 2.x Roadmap

ACM 2.x Contribution Guidelines