Marc Rintsch

A simple archiver to see if sorting the file names by file name extensions before "tarring" them results in a better compression ratio. It creates standard bzip2 or gzip compressed tar archives -- if one calls GNU tar archives standard.

Python script to calculate bit rates for movie encoding.


Python bindings for libsensors.

Simple XML (de)serialiser for Python base types. Does not cope with cyclic data structures.

Calculates the md5 and sha1 checksum of given file(s) in one pass, i.e. the data is read just once. That's noticably faster than calculating them one after another, especially for large files like movies, CD and DVD images. The ouput is compatible with md5sum and sha1sum.

Extract ToDo items, e.g. in comments, from source/text files.

This Python script scans a directory and its subdirectories for media files and creates a playlist in M3U format.

Converts a series of images to black and white and puts them together into a PDF. Needs ImageMagick's '''convert''', and tifflib's '''tiffcp''' and '''tiff2pdf''' command line tools.

Translating ASCII text to Kenny's mumbling and back.

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