Christian Ebert avatar Christian Ebert committed f0dc84b

urlcollector: get rid of broken StringIO file object

Use a tempfile instead.

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 # $Id$
-import cStringIO, re, sys
+import os, re, sys, tempfile
 import email, email.Iterators, email.Utils, email.Errors
 import mailbox
 from muttils import urlregex, util
         textlist = []
         if not self.files: # read from stdin
             fp = sys.stdin
+            tempname = ''
             try: # not every stdin file object is seekable
             except IOError:
-                fp = cStringIO.StringIO()
-                fp.write(
+                tempname = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix='urlcollector')[1]
+                fp = open(tempname, 'wb')
+                try:
+                    fp.write(
+                finally:
+                    fp.close()
+                fp = open(tempname, 'rb')
             text = self.filedeconstructor(fp)
-            fp.close()
+            if tempname:
+                fp.close()
+                os.unlink(tempname)
             for f in self.files:
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