muttils / README


This package provides utilities for use with console mail
clients, eg. Mutt.

See also: contrib/example-muttrc

Offers an interactive selection of signatures.

Searches for urls, and retrieves url selected by user.
Urls include Message-IDs.

Retrieve urls contained in input.

Can be used as general browser call.
Application to override platform default can be specified via -b

Display html message in browser.

Word wrap text input.
With support for messages (recognition of quote chars etc.).

[*]needs raw message as input to work correctly.
In Mutt, set pipe_decode=no in conjunction with pipe-message.

# systemwide
$ make && sudo make install

# at $HOME
$ make install-home

# adapt $PYTHONPATH if needed; simple bash example:
$ export PYTHONPATH=~/lib/python

# and then, eg.
$ urlpager --version

# also have a look at
$ make help
# and
$ python --help
# for fine tuning and further options
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