This Repo is for the creation of a XSLt:FO that will export a PCGEN character with all of the details required by the online pathfinder community Blade and Bow

W3Scools XSL Tutorial

Antenna House XSL-FO Tutorial

PCGEN Creating Character sheet Tutorial (May be outdated)

PCGEN Documentation of all putput sheet tokens

PCgen uses apache FOP for parsing, here is the resource page for it

How do I get set up?

Use Mercurial to download and commit, or edit using web.

Read or at least skim the above linked tutorials

Note that Anyone can edit or comment on anything by going to Source on the Bar to the left.

What Needs to be done

  • Know EVERYTHING that needs to be included
  • Design a layout for the sheet, should be modeled after The file we already recommend using
  • Get a single, self contained XSL-FO made that can easily be installed by non computer savvy users into their Pcgen installs so they can be gin using it.

What should be included in the Final Sheet

  • Char name
  • Player Name
  • Race
  • Size
  • Gender
  • Height
  • weight
  • Age
  • Alignment
  • Deity
  • Background
  • Languages
  • Version of XSL:FO and URL of this repo
  • Ability Scores (including total, mod, base, inherent, enhancement, and misc bonuses)
  • Classes
    • Archetypes
    • BAB, skill points, base saves, and levels of each
  • Favored class(es)
    • Favored Class bonuses
  • HP (Clearly documented)
  • AC (Including Touch and Flat-Footed, with breakdown)
  • Saves (With Breakdown)
  • Conditional Modifiers to above
  • Normal Attack Bonuses
    • Melee
    • Ranged
    • CMB
    • CMD
    • all with break downs and conditional modifiers
  • Armour Penalty, Max DEX, and Arcane Failure Chance
  • Skills
    • Broken down as precisely as possible with conditional modifiers
    • with total ranks and Armor Penalty
  • Speeds
  • Initiative
  • Experience and Next Level
  • Damage Reduction
  • Spell Resist
  • Hero Points
  • Special Features and Sources
  • Feats with Sources
  • Traits
  • proficiencies
  • Equipped Armor
  • Weapons
  • Carried Equipment
    • Weight total
    • Value Total
  • Magic Item Slots
  • Loads and Lift
    • Current Encumbrance
  • Wealth
    • Total Value
    • Funds
  • Spells
    • Caster Level
    • per day (with breakdown)
    • DCs
    • Total Known (with Breakdown)
    • Ranges
    • Power Points (With breakdown)
  • Familiar And Companion
    • Name
    • Race and Template
    • Class
    • Abilities
    • AC
    • saves
    • CMB
    • CMD
    • Speed
    • HP
    • Attacks
    • Special Qualities
  • Spells Known / Spell Book
    • spell name
    • Description
    • DC
    • level
    • Prepared?

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