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Add docs and update CHANGES.txt for richtext wdgt deform.widget.RichTextWidget.

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 - Fix link to imperative schema within in Colander docs within "Basics".
+- Remove duplicate ``deform.widget.DateInputWidget`` class definition.
+- Add a ``deform.widget.RichTextWidget`` widget, which adds the 
+  TinyMCE WYSIWIG javascript editor to a text area.

File deform/

 class RichTextWidget(TextInputWidget):
     Renders a ``<textarea>`` widget with the
-    `TinyMCE WYSIGIG Editor <>`_.
+    :term:`TinyMCE Editor`.
+    To use this widget the :term:`TinyMCE Editor` library must be
+    provided in the page where the widget is rendered. A version of
+    :term:`TinyMCE Editor` is included in deform's static directory.

File docs/api.rst

 .. autoclass:: TextAreaWidget
+.. autoclass:: RichTextWidget
+   :members:
 .. autoclass:: CheckboxWidget

File docs/glossary.rst

      exception or returns ``None``.  Used in deform as the
      ``validator=`` argument to a schema node, ensuring that the input
      meets the requirements of the schema.
+   TinyMCE Editor
+     `TinyMCE <>`_ is a platform
+     independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control
+     released as Open Source under `LGPL
+     <>`_ by
+     `Moxiecode Systems AB <>`_. It
+     has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML
+     elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate
+     into other Content Management Systems.