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Document and TODO grooming

Added todo to docs (NOTE: it isn't in a TOC tree yet). Stubbed in a place to add text for using things in deform/static.

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 - [ ] Make deform.widget.RichText render only on oid specific element
       in templates.
+- [ ] Work out default height and width defaults and overrides for
+      them, then document how to do so.
+- [ ] Add placeholder text to
+      :class:`deform.widget.AutocompleteinputWidget`
 Topics Needing Documentation

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         If a string is provided to a URL, an :term:`xhr` request will
         be sent to the URL. The response should be a list of values
         one per line. i.e.::

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 				values=['spam, 'eggs', 'bar', 'baz'],
                                 options={'autofill' : True})
 When :class:`deform.widget.AutocompleteInputWidget` is used, the
 :term:`jquery.autocomplete` library must be loaded into the page
 serving the form for the mask argument to have any effect.  A copy
- of this library is available in the ``static/scripts`` directory of
+of this library is available in the ``static/scripts`` directory of
 the :mod:`deform` package itself.
 See `http://localhost:8521/autocomplete_input/
 for working examples. A working example of a remote URL providing
 completion data can br found at
 Use of :class:`deform.widget.AutocompleteInputWidget` is not a
 replacement for server-side validation of the field; it is purely a UI
 affordance.  If the data must be checked at input time a separate
 :term:`validator` should be attached to the related schema node.
+.. _using_deform_static_library:
+Using Static Files in Your Own Application
+## XXX: document me
 Creating a New Schema Type

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+.. include:: ../TODO.txt