deform / CHANGES.txt


Next release

- Add ``deform.widget.DateInputWidget`` widget, which is a date picker
  widget.  This has now become the default widget for the
  ``colander.Date`` schema type, preferred to the date parts widget.

- Add text input mask capability to ``deform.widget.TextInputWidget``.

- Add text input mask capability to

- Change default form action to the empty string (rather than ``.``).
  Thanks to Kiran.

- Custom widgets must now check for ``colander.null`` rather than
  ``None`` as the null sentinel value.

- Dependency on a new (default_overhaul) version of Colander.

0.2 (2010-05-13)

- Every form has a formid now, defaulting to ``deform``.  The formid
  is used to compute the id of the form tag as well as the button ids
  in the form.  Previously, if a formid was not passed to the Form
  constructor, no id would be given to the rendered form and the
  form's buttons would not be prefixed with any formid.

- The ``deform.Form`` class now accepts two extra keyword arguments in
  its constructor: ``use_ajax`` and ``ajax_options``.

  If ``use_ajax`` is ``True``, the page is not reloaded when a submit
  button is pressed.  Instead, the form is posted, and the result
  replaces the DOM node on the page.

  ``ajax_options`` is a string which allows you to pass extra options
  to the underlying AJAX form machinery when ``use_ajax`` is True.

- Added a couple Ajax examples to the demo app.

- Add a rudimentary Ajax chapter to the docs.

0.1 (2010-05-09)

- Initial release.