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  2. deform


deform / TODO.txt


- [X] Error message translations.

- [_] Progressive form validation (show validation errors as you
      type).  This includes (supersedes) these previously top-level
      TODO items:

      - [_] Add regex pattern-matching widgets.

      - [_] Add an e-mail widget.

- [X] Date widget with picker (see ``deform.widget.DateInputWidget``).

- [_] Time widget with picker.

- [_] DateTime widget with pickers.

- [X] Add a single-select widget.

- [X] Add a multi-select checkbox widget.

- [_] Add a "combo-box" widget.

      o Mixes free-form input with a drop-down.

- [_] Add a multi-select widget using dual lists.

- [X] Add "fixed-lentgh" string widgets (done by using jquery.maskedinput in 
      text input field)

      o E.g., in parts of an SSN, filling in all digits in the first
        part's field jumps automatically to the second.

- [_] Add a country / postal code widget

      o Does a lookup and shows city and state / province.

- [_] Add an ISBN widget.

      o Does a lookup and shows author, title, etc..

- [X] Make forms automagically put the cursor into the first field of a form.

- [X] Readonly widget variants

- [X] Use case: require (email or phonenumber; see
      require_one_or_another in deformdemo).

- [ ] Add a convention that allows a widget to specify the (logical)
      resources it requires (e.g. ["foo.css", "jquery"]).  Add an API
      that allows you to retrieve all the logical resources required
      by all widgets that are part of a form.

Topics Needing Documentation

- Associating a Colander type with a new default widget type.

- Changing the close button image.

- Interfield validation.

- Explain ``widget_maker``.

Documentation Done, But Could be Better

- The Form class (and thee Button class) explanations.

- Multiple forms on the same page (in Form API docs only).

- FileUploadWidget tmpstore (in FileUploadWidget API docs only).

- Form post target changing (only in API docs)

- Internationalization (weak chapter)

- Creating a new schema type (punts to Colander docs in basic.rst)