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Add some more examples.

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 * gevent:
 * Google Wave API:
 * GSL Shell:
+* Hands-on Python Tutorial:
 * Hedge:
 * Kaa:
 * Leo:
 * simuPOP:
 * Sprox:
 * TurboGears:
+* Zentyal:
 * Zope:
 * zc.async:
 * Open ERP:
 * OpenLayers:
 * PyEphem:
+* German Plone 4.0 user manual:
 * Pylons:
 * PyMOTW:
 * qooxdoo:
 Books produced using Sphinx
-* The ``repoze.bfg`` Web Application Framework: 
+* "The ``repoze.bfg`` Web Application Framework":
 * A Theoretical Physics Reference book:
+* "Simple and Steady Way of Learning for Software Engineering" (in Japanese):
+* "Expert Python Programming" (Japanese translation):
+* "Pomodoro Technique Illustrated" (Japanese translation):
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