ranvier: A Powerful URL Mapper


Ranvier is a Python package that can be integrated in web application frameworks to map incoming URL requests to source code. It also serves as a central registry of all the URLs in a web application and can itself generate the URLs necessary for cross-linking pages. This mechanism allows web application writers let go of writing URLs manually and provides a powerful mechanism to check for incorrect links at render time. In addition, a live application can provide the list of resources that it serves at runtime, both for developer documentation or computer consumption. This allows test components for resources to be easily reused across application instances and to perform static checking of links in the source (without running any application code) and provides for testing coverage of accessed and rendered links. If you use this library to generate all your URLs you should be able to easily rearrange the entire layout of your site without breaking any links. Ranvier is pure Python code and does not have any 3rd-party dependencies; it should be usable in any Python-based web application framework.


  • Python 2.4 or more


A Mercurial repository can be found at:


Martin Blais <>