blas_int_t not set correctly

Issue #420 resolved
Florian Hirschberger created an issue

There is a typo #elif BLAS_BLAS_IS_64BIT in line 61 in blaze/math/blas/Types.h that causes blas_int_t to remain 32 bit if #define BLAZE_BLAS_IS_64BIT 1 is set.

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  1. Klaus Iglberger

    Hi Florian!

    Thanks a lot for reporting this bug. This is a very good and valuable catch indeed, since we didn’t realize that despite explicitly testing it against several BLAS libraries. We’ll fix the issue as quickly as possible. Thanks again,

    Best regards,


  2. Klaus Iglberger

    Commit 59c49cc fixes the typo in the definition of the blas_int_t. The fix is immediately available via cloning the Blaze repository and will be officially released in Blaze 3.9.

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