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Hello, It seems that nwazet.commerce version 1.6 does not work well with Orchard 1.7 - after installing the nwazet.commerce module from gallery( no Commerce tab is shown in admin panel. Is there any plan to update nwazet.commerce in orchard modules gallery so that it works OK with Orchard 1.7? Or maybe you can expose the updated package to upload it in orchard manually? Thanks!

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  1. Bertrand Le Roy repo owner

    I'll publish a new version on the gallery as soon as I'm done with testing the new features. It's very easy to get the source code version from here in the meantime.

  2. Josh Berry

    I ran into the same issue as Anonymous. What commit would you recommend I get to work with Orchard 1.7.2?

    Or alternatively, what branch/commit of the Orchard repo works with the latest source for this module? I've tried a few different combinations but keep running into issues.


  3. Josh Berry

    Thanks. I totally missed that - my bad. Works just fine with that commit.

    The issues I was running into with the latest module source were related to "theshift" branch of Orchard not having the SSL module.

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