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Issue #48 resolved

Stripe Feature has Unlisted Dependency on Nwazet.Orders Feature

Anonymous created an issue

Nwazet.Commerce.Controllers.StripeController is listed as a "Stripe" feature and it utilizes "IOrderService" which is currently only resolvable when the "Nwazet.Orders" feature is enabled. I don't believe there is a way of removing this dependency though it would be nice. I have an example where I just want a user to "SendMoney" without the overhead of Nwazet.Orders. Look forward to your thoughts.

Comments (3)

  1. Bertrand Le Roy repo owner

    There is no overhead associated with orders, the Stripe feature is not designed to do anything else than generate orders. There must be a trace even if a user "just" wants to send money: that's an order. We do already have that feature built-in, by the way.

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