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Jeffrey Olmstead
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I am migrating a client from an eCommerce site that supports product options where you can have "multiple purchases" based on the product option. In other words, if you were selling a "Cardboard Box" you could select 5 large and 5 small right on the product screen. As it stands right now I don't believe Nwazet.Commerce supports this and that a user would have to select 5 large (and add to cart) then select 5 small (and add to cart). Am I correct on this?

The other feature which is kind of nice (though not critical to me today) is that it supports a weight difference based on the option selected. This would allow the shipping to dynamically adjust based on the weight changing due to the options selected. Any thoughts on whether this would be valuable to pursue?

Other than that, the Nwazet.Commerce is right there supporting the other features (better i think :) ) which is fantastic to be able to have this right within Orchard.

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  1. Bertrand Le Roy repo owner

    You're correct. It would be nice, yes, to be able to put into the cart quantities of each option of a product in one operation. Varying the weight based on attributes would be useful too.

    I would however pause to ask at what point those variations become separate products.

  2. Jeffrey Olmstead reporter

    I have been pondering all day whether they should be separate products... I was looking at the AMC movie theater site and noticed that you can add Adult, Child, and Senior priced tickets on one "Product". I don't think that actually uses Nwazet.Commerce module but thought that there is a perfect example of where having the one product with multiple attributes and quantities of attributes makes great sense. On my instances today... I think they should be different products. Well, if I get the chance to build a movie theater site (and I just might soon) then I will definitely expand the module to support quantity per attribute. Thanks for confirming not in there yet.

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