#12 Merged at 7625c69
  1. Josh Berry

Added a tax provider that allows for different sales tax rates by US zip code. Can be used in combination with StateOrCounty tax provider to override tax rates for specific zip codes. Supports copying and pasting zip/rate data from spreadsheets for easy input. Includes basic unit tests.

Comments (5)

  1. Bertrand Le Roy repo owner

    Looks good, thanks for the contribution. Do you have a reference to something explaining zipcode-specific US taxation and how to determine if one should use this?

  2. Josh Berry author

    Thanks, I'll update based on your feedback shortly.

    I created the zip code tax provider for a project I'm working on. We need to charge sales tax for shipments within Iowa and here in Iowa each municipality can levy their own local option sales taxes so the total sales tax can vary by city. This was a simple solution to that problem. I'm no expert on sales tax but I assume this is the case in other states as well. I don't have any specific references to suggest - we got our data from the Iowa Department of Revenue. From what I can tell, sales tax in the US is a mess of inconsistencies - exactly what you'd expect for something designed by a bunch of politicians ;)