This is a LuaTeX'd copy of Paul Graham's On Lisp with syntax highlighting, derived from the included texinfo copy. The fonts used are Linux Libertine O and Inconsolatazi4.

The missing figures are taken from http://www.lurklurk.org/onlisp/onlisp.html

The master file is onlisp.tex.

I've added some footnotes which mention libraries implementing a production-ready version of the code being discussed, as well as notes about updates to the CL standard. These are introduced with the (TeX) macro \mynote.

I build this with latexmk -pdf onlisp.tex and tell (in .latexmkrc) `latexmk' to use

$pdflatex = 'lualatex -shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode';

for pdflatex

The toggle mint turns on syntax highlighting, but this slows down builds and makes noisy output, so it is easier to debug if this toggle is false. You need the python package Pygments for syntax highlighting. You can install it with pip install pygments.

To just check the syntax, you can use \syntaxonly (or uncomment the appropriate line).

And, of course, if you are only working on one part, you can use \includeonly{part#}

Happy Hacking!