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David McClosky  committed ad4d49f

Makefile: don't download and build SParseval by default
This is because SParseval doesn't currently build on OS X. Since it's
non-essential, there's no reason for it to break an otherwise successful

Travis CI now has a separate check to make sure it's accessible.

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   - make
   - make reranker
   - make -C second-stage/programs/features parallel-tools
+  - make sparseval

File Makefile

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 # make features        # extracts features from 20-fold parses
 # make train-reranker  # trains reranker model
 # make train-clean     # removes all temporary files used in training
+# make sparseval       # download and install SParseval
 # I typically run nbesttrain to produce the n-best parses 
 # TARGETS is the list of targets built when make is called
 # without arguments
-TARGETS = PARSE reranker-runtime sparseval
+TARGETS = PARSE reranker-runtime
 .PHONY: top
 top: $(TARGETS)