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README: notes about OS X compilation, PPA for liblbfgs-dev

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 > make
+    Sidenote on compiling on OS X
+    -----------------------------
+    OS X uses the clang compiler by default which may cause compilation
+    problems.  Try setting this environment variable to change the
+    default C++ compiler:
+    > setenv CXX g++
+    See for more
+    information.
 After it has built, the parser can be run with
 > <sourcefile.txt>
 > /usr/local/data/Penn3/parsed/mrg/wsj/24/wsj*.mrg
+The Makefile will attempt to automatically download and build Sparseval
+for you if you run "make sparseval".
 [*] Sparseval is available from
-    The Makefile will automatically download and build it if you run "make sparseval"
     See this paper for more information:
         title={SParseval: Evaluation metrics for parsing speech},
 > sudo apt-get install liblbfgs-dev
+For older versions of Ubuntu, you may need to install a PPA to get
+> sudo add-apt-repository --yes ppa:ktm5j/uva-cs-ppa
+> sudo apt-get update
 Boost can be obtained from or with the libboost-dev
 package in Ubuntu: