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Petri Savolainen
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Most people use that rather than mercurial. That would probably make it easier for people to contribute pull requests.

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  1. Anonymous

    Two questions related to this...

    1. Do you plan to remain on Bitbucket and/or use another site (like Github or Gitlab)
    2. Would you like help in migrating?
  2. Takeshi KOMIYA
    1. I'd like to do that, but not planned.

    2. We should consider following things before migrating:

    • how to migrate issues and PRs on bitbucket
    • Update CI scripts

    If you know good tools, please let me know.

  3. halwine

    The big challenge with migrating issues and PR's is deciding if you want to modify all existing hg hashes to point to the equivalent hashes in the new git repo. If not, then there is a writeup on moving Bitbucket issues & wiki in addition to the code conversion.

    That said, I've noticed many folks conflate 'git' with 'GitHub' -- I wouldn't be surprised if the "bigger" barrier is Bitbucket vs GitHub. In which case, I don't believe there is any convenient way to maintain non-code history (issues, PRs, wiki...).

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