Become a Bitbucket Cloud Champion and win limited edition swag

Have you ever gotten stuck dealing with a merge conflict? Or maybe you’re getting an error when setting up Bitbucket Pipelines? Well Atlassian Community is the best place to discuss and get answers from other Bitbucket Cloud users, and fast.

Our Bitbucket Community Champions are users that deliver the best answers for our community, and we’re looking to grow this network through an interactive contest, culminating in winners getting some limited edition swag!

How to participate: 

On the Bitbucket Cloud community you can ask questions, have discussions, and write articles. We’re giving points to users that:

  1. Ask questions – Want to know what that error is and how to fix it? Get help or advice by asking the Bitbucket Cloud community a question.
  2. Answer questions – Been there, done that? Help a fellow Bitbucket Cloud user by answering their questions here.
  3. Start discussions – What’s the best merge strategy? Start a discussion with others in the community.
  4. Comment on discussions – Have your say by engaging in discussions posted by others.
  5. Write articles on the Bitbucket community – Already a Community Champion and have something to share about Bitbucket Cloud with the community? Share your knowledge with other users!

All activities are worth the same, with each contributing to your overall “engagement score.” All you need to do is perform any of the above activities and if you’re creating new content (i.e. asking a question, starting a discussion, or writing an article) just make sure you tag them with “bitbucket-cloud” so we can track your activity!

How to win: 

From now until October 10 2018, the top 50 most engaged Community users will win limited edition swag from the Bitbucket Cloud team and an opportunity to become a Bitbucket Cloud Champion.

So who’s ready to win some limited edition swag and help the community at large with their burning questions?  Answer Community questions and start scoring points right away!