Chicago meetup this weekend

The Mercurial community is getting together in Chicago this weekend for their third development sprint. The Sprint is a chance for folks hacking on mercurial to get together, face-to-face for a few days and make a ton of progress on some of the big issues and features for Mercurial. This time, they’re focusing on the next major release: Mercurial 1.7.

Obviously, Bitbucket has a lot invested in Mercurial being the best DVCS on the planet. And Atlassian is equally committed – we see DVCS as a transformative shift in the dev tools world, and we’re getting ready to help with the Sprint as much as we can.

We’re really excited to join the Mercurial community – we’ve been watching from the sidelines for a little while, but Atlassian had to keep some things under its hat until the acquisition of Bitbucket was finalized. But now that we’ve made the big announcement, we’re ready to jump in with both feet!

First off, Atlassian is sponsoring some of the costs of the event. And secondly, we’re sending three folks from the Bitbucket team to participate the Sprint.

While we’d love to code non-stop all weekend, we figure everyone has to pause to eat at some point. So Atlassian is also sponsoring an Mercurial meet-up on Saturday night at the Sidebar Grille. This is open to all everyone, whether or not your participating in the Sprint. So if you wanna hang out for a while and talk DVCS, or if you just want to meet some of the folks behind Bitbucket, come have a a beer on us! The bar will be open between 8:30 and 10:00, so come say hi!