Shift-left to pull requests for DevOps success with Code Insights

Code Insights for Bitbucket Server offers a better way to gain insights for progressively improving code quality. The Code Insights API allows your favorite tools to surface build test results, security scans, and more on a pull request. In addition to pass/fail build statuses, you’ll see richer results and annotated code with detailed information. In the pull request interface, you can view integration results from the “Reports” link that has been added. Code annotations can be found on the changed line views. With a combination of code annotations and quality reports, you can identify and address dependency vulnerabilities, code smells, et al even faster.

In-line code comments on a pull request with code smell alerts
Code annotations on a pull request in Bitbucket Server

If you want to see all that Code Insights can do for you and your team, read on to learn how our partners have improved their integrations with Bitbucket to give you a better developer experience.

Ready to take it for a spin? Code Insights is available in our latest release, Bitbucket Server 5.15.


Using Code insights, the JFrog integration allows CI tools to annotate pull requests with information about and access to the related artifacts in Artifactory, along with security and license scanning results from Xray.

Quality reports card in Bitbucket UI with details about Artifactory results

Read more about how JFrog improved their integration with Bitbucket Server on their blog. Get a sneak peek of their improved app from the JFrog repo and keep an eye out for an updated server listing on our app marketplace.


Snyk helps you find, fix and prevent known vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies. Snyk’s pull requests can automate the fixes by offering upgrades or Snyk’s precision patches. With Code Insights, Snyk provides line level vulnerability annotations to help increase visibility and support informed decisions.

Security reports from Snyk in Bitbucket's Quality Reports UI

You can learn more about Snyk for Bitbucket Server on their listing in our app marketplace.


Mibex’s Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket Server improves your code review experience by integrating static code analysis, bug prediction, pull request templates, and source code lookup. Using Code Insights, Mibex adds in detailed results from code review analysis tools and reports violations with code annotations in the pull request.

Lint results from Mibex Code Review in Bitbucket's pull request UI

Check out Mibex’s Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket Server on our app marketplace.


Sonatype’s Nexus Notifier tackles the growing challenge of open source governance during development cycles. With their upcoming integration with Bitbucket Server’s Code Insights, developers can use results from Sonatype’s automated policy engine to drive pull request discussions. In order to take full advantage of Nexus Notifier for Bitbucket Server, you can use it in combination with Sonatype’s Nexus Notifier plugin for Jenkins.

Reporting details from Sonatype's Nexus Lifecycle in Bitbucket pull request UI

Read more about Sonatype’s new Bitbucket integration on their blog and keep an eye out for their new app on our app marketplace.

Whether your team is going through a DevOps transformation or you’re just trying to explain that you can’t do “DevOps” by buying a new tool, Code Insights can help your team improve code quality and shorten the time to merge pull requests. If you’d like to use Code Insights to improve your own custom integrations, we’ve added a tutorial to help get you started.

Interested in more details from the Bitbucket Server 5.15 release? Read more in our release notes.