Resolve code deployment incidents faster with Bitbucket Cloud and Opsgenie

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Smart development teams carefully track, label, and categorize every code change. But what's the point of all that record-keeping if the right teams can't find the right deployment information at the right time?

Often, when a deployment-related incident occurs, on-call responders spend too much time searching through Git and Jira tickets to understand which code change caused the issue.

Atlassian's deep connection between Opsgenie, Bitbucket Cloud, and Jira Software Cloud empower teams to resolve deployment-related incidents faster by:

  • Troubleshooting incidents related to code deployments in Opsgenie and take corrective action from Bitbucket Cloud. 
  • Automatically creating Jira Software issues from the Opsgenie incident details screen. 

Bring visibility to the right teams by mapping Bitbucket to Opsgenie

The first step towards solving a deployment-related incident is understanding which services have been impacted. Once the services are known, response teams need visibility into production changes to see which code change caused the issue. 

Until now this process involved logging in to multiple tools or slacking a team member for context and help.

Thanks to the new Bitbucket Cloud and Opsgenie connection, teams can troubleshoot code deployment-related incidents quickly from Opsgenie using the new Incident Investigation view. Rapidly understand which services have been impacted and analyze the related deployments to find the cause and resolve it quickly, limiting the impact of the incident. 

Sync Bitbucket and Opsgenie to investigate the code changes that matter

With Bitbucket synced to Opsgenie now when a deployment-related incident occurs, on-call teams swarm to the incident details page where they find a visualization of the deployments for the services in question. 

Responders have a complete view of both large and small code changes made to the production environment that may have caused the incident. With a click, each deployment can be analyzed, key details such as the related commits, deployment environments, and developers who shipped the code are presented. 

Often incidents are caused by a failure of a related service. Without a mapping of Bitbucket workspaces to the services they support in Opsgenie, it's time-consuming to reverse engineer how each related service may have played a role in the incident. Now on-call teams can easily view the related services in the context of the incident. If an additional team needs to be notified that their code caused the incident, they can be notified directly from Opsgenie.  

Once the responder team has investigated the deployments and commits in question, and they feel confident that they have the cause of the incident isolated, they mark the deployment or commit as the potential cause of the incident.

Go from remediation to resiliency with Jira Software

Automatically all deployments or commits marked as potential causes of the incident are appended to the incident details screen. This screen becomes the source of truth for Dev and Ops teams working to resolve the incident. Team members who are added to the incident while remediation is in progress using this screen to gather context on the work done so far, so they can jump in and begin adding value that helps resolve the incident faster. 

Once the potential cause is isolated, responder teams can click to Bitbucket and take action. And if a larger project is required to perform a long-term fix, a Jira Software issue can be created from the incident details screen in Opsgenie.

Start investigating and resolving major incidents faster today

By connecting Opsgenie to Bitbucket, Jira Software developers and IT response teams can investigate deployment-related incidents quickly from one screen. Spend less time searching for answers, and more time building and shipping innovative software for your customers.