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fix blohg freeze

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File blohg/

     def jinja_loader(self):
         if self.template_folder is not None:
             return ChoiceLoader([BlohgLoader(self.template_folder),
-                                 FileSystemLoader(
-                                     os.path.join(self.root_path,
-                                                  self.template_folder))])
+                                 super(_Flask, self).jinja_loader])
 class Blohg(object):

File blohg/

         return Map(rules)
     def handle(self, app, serve, no_index):
+        app.jinja_loader  # ugly workaround
         app.url_map = self.remap_rules(app.url_map, no_index)
         def static():
             """Walk the static dir and freeze everything"""
-            return static_generator(app.config['STATIC_DIR'])
+            return static_generator('static')
         def attachments():