Rafael Martins avatar Rafael Martins committed dc36c00

improve docutils error handling

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     def parsed_source(self):
-        return parser(self.full, self._rst_header_level)
+        return parser(self.full, self._rst_header_level,
+                      ':repo:%s' % self.path)
     def parsed_abstract(self):
         if not self.read_more:
             return self.parsed_source
-        return parser(self.abstract, self._rst_header_level)
+        return parser(self.abstract, self._rst_header_level,
+                      ':repo:%s' % self.path)
     def author(self):


     register_local_role(role, roles_index[role])
-def parser(content, rst_header_level):
+def parser(content, rst_header_level, source_path=None):
     settings = {'input_encoding': 'utf-8', 'output_encoding': 'utf-8',
                 'initial_header_level': rst_header_level,
                 'docinfo_xform': 0, 'field_name_limit': None}
-    parts = publish_parts(source=content, writer=BlohgWriter(),
-                          settings_overrides=settings)
+    parts = publish_parts(source=content, source_path=source_path,
+                          writer=BlohgWriter(), settings_overrides=settings)
     return {'title': parts['title'], 'fragment': parts['fragment'],
             'first_paragraph_as_text': parts['first_paragraph_as_text'],
             'images': parts['images']}
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