Generate a web-based user interface for Bloqqi programs


The web-based user interface uses the HTTP server Libmicrohttpd, which can be installed as follows:

# Install on MacOS
$ brew install libmicrohttpd

# Install on Debian
$ apt-get install libmicrohttpd10 libmicrohttpd-dev


# Generate web server given a Bloqqi Program
$ ./build_webserver examples/TwoCounters.dia

# Run generated server on port 8000
$ ./server 8000

Then surf to http://localhost:8000/ using a web browser.

FMI support

A user interface can also be generated for FMUs as follows.

# Generate web server
$ ./build_fmu_webserver

# Run generated server for given FMU on port 8000
$ ./fmu_server 8000 file.fmu


# Input values can be set from the command line using curl
$ curl -d "id=in1&value=2" -X POST http://localhost:8000/api/set-input