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Transmission Supervisor

transmission-supervisor is a helper daemon for transmission-damon, a bittorent client. transmission-supervisor adds functionality for management of transmission-daemons bittorent transfers. At the moment following tasks can be performed by transmission-supervisor.

  • Remove a bittorent transfer when a user specified seeding ration has been reached. This also moves the transfered files to a user specified directory.
  • Add torrents from based on television series name.

More tasks can be added through a extension API.


NOTE: transmission-supervisor is still under development and has some rough edges.

Meet the requirements.

  • A POSIX operating system, tested on Ubuntu 8.04 and FreeBSD 7.0
  • transmission-daemon 1.3+
  • Python 2.5+
  • Following Python modules
    • transmission 0.1+
    • SQLAlchemy 0.4.8+ (If TVRSSExtension is used)

Clone the repository.

$ hg clone

Install using Python setuptools, you may have to run as super user.

$ cd transmission_supervisor
$ python install

Now transmission-supervisor should be installed.

$ transmission-supervisor


The default path for the configuration file is /.config/transmission-supervisor/supervisor.conf. The configuration file is formatted using json and should look something like.

  "transmission": {
    "port": 9091,
    "download-dir": "~/downloads/torrents",
    "manage-process": true
  "extensions": {
    "extensions": {
      "MoveExtension": {
        "seed-ratio": 1.0,
        "finished-dir": "~/downloads"
      "LogExtension": {
        "log-level": 10
      "TVRSSExtension": {
        "rss-interval": 3600.0,
        "rss-url": "",
        "database": "~/.config/transmission-supervisor/tvrss.db"
    "dir": "~/.config/transmission-supervisor/extensions"
  "supervisor": {
    "log-dir": "/tmp",
    "log-level": "warning",
    "poll-interval": 10.0

Installing an expansion