Erik Svensson avatar Erik Svensson committed 6448871

Added ValueError exception when having path delimiter in the name argument in Client.rename_torrent.path.

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 # Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Erik Svensson <>
 # Licensed under the MIT license.
-import re, time, operator, warnings
+import re, time, operator, warnings, os
 import base64
 import json
         warnings.warn('locate has been deprecated, please use locate_torrent_data instead.', DeprecationWarning)
         self.locate_torrent_data(ids, location, timeout)
-    def rename_torrent_path(self, torrent_id, location, destination, timeout=None):
+    def rename_torrent_path(self, torrent_id, location, name, timeout=None):
         Rename directory and/or files for torrent.
         Remember to use get_torrent or get_torrents to update your file information.
         torrent_id = parse_torrent_id(torrent_id)
         if torrent_id is None:
             raise ValueError("Invalid id")
-        args = {'path': location, 'name': destination}
+        dirname = os.path.dirname(name)
+        if len(dirname) > 0:
+            raise ValueError("Target name cannot contain a path delimiter")
+        args = {'path': location, 'name': name}
         result = self._request('torrent-rename-path', args, torrent_id, True, timeout=timeout)
         return (result['path'], result['name'])


     levels = {'debug': logging.DEBUG, 'info': logging.INFO, 'warning': logging.WARNING, 'error': logging.ERROR}
     trpc_logger = logging.getLogger('transmissionrpc')
-    loghandler = logging.FileHandler(filepath)
+    loghandler = logging.FileHandler(filepath, encoding='utf-8')
     if level in list(levels.keys()):
         loglevel = levels[level]
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