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Russ Gibson
created an issue

I have a secure setup that uses https for access to transmission. I use an apache redirect from https://host/transmission/rpc to https://host:9091/transmission/rpc (which allows not only secure communication, but apache's logs for access, etc.).

There are 2 issues with transmissionrpc for this: No way to specify to use https No way to have it not include port on connect

The attached file adds command line options to helical.py to support this, and optional parameters to Client.connect in transmission.py.

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  1. Erik Svensson repo owner

    I don't really like the added arguments to helical and transmissionrpc.Client. I propose that you can send a custom URL as address argument instead. See attached patch for details. With this patch helical can be started with following argument.

    python contrib/helical.py http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc

    I haven't been able to test against https. Please let me know what you think about this solution.

  2. Russ Gibson reporter

    Allowing the url to be placed on the command line for helical.py is fine. However, your patch still requires a port. To use it, I had to pass the url like this:

    ./helical.py https://host:443/transmission/rpc list

    Actually, helical.py doesn't really matter to me: as long as the Client object has a way to handle it, that's all that matters to me (I'm writing a client that watches the torrents for being finished, move/encode them, email a bot on another machine, etc.).

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