Passing files_wanted doesn't disable download of the rest

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That strikes me really weird, so I've tried a couple of times and it seems that I am not doing any mistake.

I have a torrent file which has more than one file listed. I want only the file with 3 as its id to be downloaded, I pass the argument files_wanted=[3] to add_torrents() yet it downloads all of the files. If I create a list of all file id's then remove 3, it works as it should.

I haven't checked the code yet and using this work-around. When I have time I'll check and post a suggestion hopefully.

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  1. Erik Svensson repo owner
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    Yes, there seems like Transmisson initializes all files to download and ignores an empty file-unwanted list. I got it working by do following.

    torrent = self.client.add_torrent(mf_torrent_url, files_unwanted=xrange(0,100), files_wanted=[0])
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