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Issue #66 open

Completed vs. stopped downloads

created an issue

Current value that is returned by Torrent.status does not differentiate between stopped and completed downloads.

If Transmission doesn't send relevant information, this can be implemented with a simple conditional statement that checks if progress of the "stopped" torrent returns 100.

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  1. Erik Svensson repo owner
    • changed status to open

    A new propery might be added since I'd like to be able to have a thin wrapper for the Transmission RPC protocol. Furthermore, when is a torrent finished? What about seed ratio?

  2. scott williams

    Likewise 'Paused' appears as 'stopped'. Looking as transmissionrpc source code there is only:

    TR_STATUS_STOPPED = 0, / Torrent is stopped / TR_STATUS_CHECK_WAIT = 1, / Queued to check files / TR_STATUS_CHECK = 2, / Checking files / TR_STATUS_DOWNLOAD_WAIT = 3, / Queued to download / TR_STATUS_DOWNLOAD = 4, / Downloading / TR_STATUS_SEED_WAIT = 5, / Queued to seed / TR_STATUS_SEED = 6 / Seeding /

    I wrote my own script to automatically remove stopped or completed downloads, however the paused ones were being removed as well. I have since updated it to ensure that it is completed AND stopped before removing. My attempt

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