transmissionrpc / CHANGELOG

Transmissionrpc 0.10

 * Support for Python 3 through "six".
 * Dropping support for Python 2.5.
 * Removed modification of default url opener.
 * Description of all Transmission RPC fields in Torrent and Session.

Transmissionrpc 0.9

 * Fixed message handling in TransmissionError. Issue #35. Thanks Adam Rothman.
 * Made Client.start_all honour queue order. Thanks stephenharrell.
 * Changed interface for Client.
 * Added mutators to Torrent and Session.

Transmissionrpc 0.8

 * Fixed argument "location" falsely named "ids" for Client.change. Issue #31.
 * Fixed Torrent.ratio to use response value uploadRatio. Issue #30.

Transmissionrpc 0.7

 * Added support for Transmission RPC version 10 and 11.
 * Fixed an issue with Python 2.7 urllib2 handling. Issue #24.

Transmissionrpc 0.6

 * Added support for Transmission RPC version 9.
 * Fixed handing of exceptions from urllib2.urlopen. Issues #21 and #22.
 * Fixed test suite to handle structure comparisons better.
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