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Transmission RPC

Transmission is a open source bittorrent client. This is a python module that can communicate with Transmission through json-rpc. See the documentation for more information about the module.

transmissionrpc is licensed under the MIT license.


Transmissionrpc 0.11 has been released.

Transmission is available at Python Package Index. To install the transmission python module use easy_install or pip.

$ easy_install transmissionrpc

Or download the tarball, untar and...

$ python install

You might have to be administrator or super user to install transmissionrpc.

Transmissionrpc should be available to you through python.

$ python
>>> import transmissionrpc
>>> tc = transmissionrpc.Client(address='')
>>> tc.get_torrents()
[<Torrent 1 "***">]

Have fun!

Transmissionrpc 0.11

Release notes

Transmissionrpc 0.10

Release notes


Documentation is build from sources in the repository. There should be a current build at

Scripts / Proof of Concept

The repository also holds some scripts that may be useful. These are found in the contrib directory.

Develop transmissionrpc

The source resides in the mercurial repository here. To pull the source code, make sure you have mercurial and then run.

$ hg pull

After you successfully have pulled a working copy, you can install a link to the source by running

$ python develop

Go improve transmissionrpc!