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transmissionrpc / releasenotes / 0.10

transmissionrpc 0.10 Release notes


  • Support for Python 3 through "six".
  • Dropping support for Python 2.5.
  • Removed modification of default url opener.
  • Description of all Transmission RPC fields in Torrent and Session.


  • #43 add_torrent Doesn't Return id (resolved)
  • #41 List completed torrents using RPC? (resolved)
  • #42 add_torrent docstring out of date (resolved)
  • #46 add_torrent don't take valid base64 encoded torrent file (resolved)
  • #45 Update for new rename function in Transmission 2.80 (resolved)
  • #44 the perfect way to get torrent size (resolved)
  • #47 tc.change_torrent() (resolved)


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