pygnetic / README.txt

pygnetic --- Easy networking in Pygame

**pygnetic** is a library designed to help in the development of
network games and applications in `Pygame <>`_.


* Two approaches to handle network events
   * generating events in pygame queue
   * using handler classes
* Efficient packaging of data through the message system
* Support for multiple network and serialization libraries


**pygnetic** can be installed with
`windows installer <>`_
or with `pip <>`_::

   pip install pygnetic

Optional requirements

* `Message Pack <>`_ (recommended)
* `pyenet <>`_


* Package on PyPI --
* Repository on Bitbucket --
* Documentation --
* Development blog --


pygnetic is under development by Szymon Wroblewski <>
as `GSoC 2012 <>`_ project and mentored by
Rene Dudfield <>.
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